5 Benefits of Laser Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

At Active Step we use the EMS Swiss Dolorclast High Power Laser (laser therapy) to manage pain and improve function in our patients who suffer with arthritis in their joints.

As lower limb specialists we commonly see patients who are waiting for knee surgery such as total knee replacements and partial knee replacements and we offer them High Power Laser Therapy to help reduce their pain and improve their movement in the interim. We also administer High Power Laser Therapy post-knee surgery to help reduce swelling and recovery time so that our patients can return to their normal activity sooner. 

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to reduce pain and inflammation in knee joint arthritis patients.  

Here are the top 5 benefits of High Power Laser Therapy;

  1. Pain Management: Laser therapy can penetrate deep into the tissues to reduce inflammation, which is one of the main causes of pain in arthritis patients. It can also stimulate the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers produced by the body. This means that patients can experience pain relief without the need for medication.
  2. Improved Knee Joint Function: Knee joint arthritis can cause stiffness and reduced mobility, making daily activities difficult for patients. Laser therapy can increase range of motion, reduce stiffness, and improve overall joint function. This can lead to a better quality of life for patients.
  3. Non-Invasive Treatment: Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment option, which means that patients do not have to undergo surgery or take medication with potential side effects. The therapy is painless and does not require any downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.
  4. Fast and Effective: Laser therapy sessions are typically short, lasting between 5-25 minutes, and patients can start experiencing relief after just one session. However, 5-15 sessions may be required depending on the severity and stage of arthritis to achieve optimal results.
  5. Safe and Affordable: Laser therapy is a safe and affordable treatment option for knee joint arthritis patients. There are very few reasons laser can’t be used and most patients can benefit from it.  Laser can be used in combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy or medication, to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.


In conclusion, laser therapy offers several benefits to knee joint arthritis patients, including pain management, improved joint function, non-invasive treatment, fast and effective results, and affordability. 

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