Nail Surgery

If you don’t want to wait several months for NHS treatment then our Podiatrists at Active Step are able to provide you with nail surgery within a week.

Introduction to Nail Surgery

Toenail surgery is a fast, precise procedure, taking around 90 minutes. Most people can return to work, school, and their daily lives the following day with minimal interruption!

The goal of nail surgery is to provide a long-term solution to painful ingrowing toenails, extremely thick and unsightly nails and recurrent nail infections.

At Active Step, we can work with you to ensure that nail surgery is the best solution to resolve any nail conditions that are causing you regular discomfort, or that are preventing you from participating in sports and activities.

After healing, patients will be able to wear shoes that may have previously aggravated their ingrowing toenails and resume sports and recreational activities that they were unable to participate in while they were suffering.

If you don’t want to wait several months for NHS treatment then the expert Podiatrists at Active Step are able to provide you with nail surgery within a week.

If you’re suffering with toenail issues then book in an initial ingrown toenail consultation with one of our Podiatry specialists.

Other nail surgery treatments we provide include:

What’s Involved in Nail Surgery?

  1. At Active Podiatry, Nail Surgery is performed by our HCPC registered Podiatrists. A local anaesthetic is injected into both sides of the base of the affected toe.
  2. Once the toe has been fully anaesthetised, a tourniquet (tight band) will be applied to the toe to prevent any bleeding during the procedure.
  3. After the surgery, the tourniquet will be removed, the toe will be checked for return of your blood supply to the toe and a sterile dressing will be applied.
  4. You will then remain for a short period of time in the clinic with your foot up and the dressing will be checked before you leave the clinic.
  5. You will be followed up within 72 hours and the toe will be checked and redressed.

Medical Risks of this Procedure

In extremely rare cases, local anaesthetics have caused an allergic reaction with rashes, swelling or very low blood pressure. You must inform your Podiatrist of any previous reactions or complications that have happened when you have had a local anaesthetic in the past.

As with any medical procedure, local anaesthetic may cause some discomfort when being injected into the toe.

Other risks or complications that may occur very rarely include:

  • Postoperative infection, which your Podiatrist will manage by supplying you with a course of antibiotics.
  • Chemical flare which will cause your toe to look extremely red and rosy for a few weeks, although this is not serious and will settle down as the toe heals
  • Prolonged numbness or tingling in the toe caused by nerve irritation from the injection. This is rare but can last several weeks before resolving.
  • Nail regrowth can occur in 5% of cases, and is usually minor and not problematic. Very rarely some patients do not respond to the chemical applied (phenol) and may have to be referred for an orthopaedic procedure to resolve their ingrowing toenail.
  • Delayed healing may occur where there are underlying health complaints that may compromise the speed in which the body heals, however your Podiatrist will monitor you until resolution.

Patient Testimonials

Lorri S-B
Lorri S-B
Such a warm and friendly clinic. My treatment was explained in detail and I felt immediately at ease on my first visit.
Paula Slowen
Paula Slowen
Very friendly and professional. Had confidence in the treatment recommended and the expertise.
Jo Vincent
Jo Vincent
Amazing service. Knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended
Martin Fleming
Martin Fleming
Very friendly and competent. Definitely recommend !
Penny Earl
Penny Earl
We got a same day appointment. Mike had fungal nail infection, an open wound and painful Athlete’s foot. These were all greatly improved after the initial visit. It felt quite miraculous! Not cheap but well worth the money.
Emma Humphrey
Emma Humphrey
Very professional and thorough treatment. I can actually finally have confidence that I will run again.
Anxo Vilas
Anxo Vilas
I went to Active Step after trying over the counter products as well as other podiatrists for years while my condition was getting worse instead of better. The service I got at Active Step couldn't have been any better and I've just been discharged successfully after 12 months of treatment. Jim, Zoe, Sophie and the rest of the team are not only highly professional, but also very personable and I cannot recommend them enough.